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  • For safety reason, keep your Internet Banking Token PIN to yourself.
    Do not reveal your PIN to anyone including Commonwealth Bank staff.
  • Commonwealth Bank will not ask Customer to reveal confidential data through email, letter, phone message, or any other media.
  • If you receive any suspicious email, letter, SMS or staff Commonwealth Bank asking you to reveal your PIN, Contact Call Commbank 5000 30 immediately to confirm the authenticity.
  • Before entering User ID and Token Response make sure the login page address is

Latest Update

First subscription of Mutual Fund must be conducted at branches. Subsequent subscription can be conducted through Internet/Mobile Banking. You can also reedem through Internet Banking.

Effective on April 2014, administration fee for Tabungan Bunga Harian will be changed from IDR7,500 to IDR10.000,-/month and it will be debited at the end of the month. For further info please contact Call Commbank at (area code) 5000 30 or (6221) 2935 2935 for international access.

The Internet/Mobile Banking is unable to perform External Transfer Transaction (SKN) with Unit Usaha Syariah as the Beneficiary Bank. Please visit our nearest Branch to perform the transaction.

Disclaimer Message
"Customer is fully responsible to every transaction instruction using User ID and Token.Therefore Customer guarantee and discharge Bank from every claims and charges arise from loss due to Individual/ Corporate Internet Banking usage."
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